3 Best Ideas of Room Decor

Room decor or interior design must be something which is not strange at all in our daily life. It is actually all about the decoration or design applied inside our home living. More than just it is about the beauty or aesthetic side, the decor applied must also make us feel comfortable. The ideas for interior design are numerous for sure. However, there are some of them that often become the main references by people. Of course, if you are interested in one of them, it is still possible for you to add or lessen more to meet your expectation. Besides, blending two or more room decors or interior designs are also allowed to make the result more satisfying.

Contemporary Design

Talking about the newest, the most current, and the most popular designs nowadays, it seems that modern or contemporary design is the right answer. Just like the name, it is focused on the representation of modernity. Some recent years, such ideas with simplicity or minimalism are indeed really booming. Interestingly, the simplicity here still gives and brings out the sense of luxurious and prestigious. Just take a look at some contemporary interior designs around you; it has less details and accents but still so dashing. The partition is also made as minimalist as possible. Even, there are now many houses in which one room to another is without any partition except for the bathroom or bedroom. The colors applied are also those that look minimalist like white, black, or rustic brown. If there are some other bright colors needed, they are added without the look of simple in general.

Classic Design

Classic interior design is the opposite of the modern one for sure. It is signed by the application of details and accents in many sides. Of course, the details are made as good as possible to make the atmosphere look less cramped and stuffy. The term classic design itself is actually very broad. It refers to many eras and cultures. However, the most common one is that design that refers to the European classic interior like they had been recognized since certain eras like Middle Age, Renaissance, or Victorian. The application of bold colors and even the metallic ones is very common here. However, it seems people now try to combine it with the modern designs so that the colors applied tend to be lighter and simpler.

Vintage Design

Vintage also refers to something old indeed. But in term of home decoration idea, vintage interior represents certain decades above 1900. Another word of vintage is retro in which the styles of 50’s to 80’s are being applied in your home decoration. Well, have you ever thought to put on your old television and radio in your house? If they still work well, it is not a big deal of course. Don’t forget to place furniture in old design like what your parents or even grandparents have. Vintage interior tends to be modest and less luxurious but it is still cool for sure. So, what kind of room decor you like the most?

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