Beachy Bathroom Decor

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - Bathroom

Beachy Bathroom Decor

Beachy bathroom decor has incomparable beauty. You can transform your boring bathroom into a wonderful place of retreat with coastal decorative pieces. It is not hard to find these items. There are many stores that specifically craft beachy accessories for their customers. In creating a bathroom with this type of atmosphere, you shouldn’t forget some of the following tips.

Blue shades

Although all colors look nice, not everyone works for a beach themed bathroom. Blue shades area probably the most ideal when it comes to this decorating style. This color not only has a soothing effect, but is also associated with beaches and oceans. Using it to decorate the bathroom is the right decision. Your bathroom will appear fresh in a blink of an eye. There are many ways to use this color. For example, you can buy blue wallpaper. Bathroom wallpaper comes in countless themes. Since we’re talking about coastal decorating, pick wallpaper with this unique theme. Peel-and-stick wall art is easy to find. Blue can also be applied to other elements like decorative seashells.

Nautical accessories

Another way to bring a beachy atmosphere into the bathroom is by displaying nautical accessories. The choices are endless. Just visit a store that sells these unique crafts. You will come across a wide collection of nautical items. For example, you can purchase shower curtains with seashell motifs. Rugs are also available in this theme. Keep in mind that the bathroom is probably your most private space after the bedroom, so it deserves your attention.

Personal belongings like towels can also be embellished with nautical details. If you don’t feel like driving around to get these things, online stores have a bunch of them in stock. Craftsmen also love to draw inspiration from starfish. This type of fish is just the epitome of the beach. You won’t have a hard time finding bathroom accessories with starfish prints on them. Put them on display, the nautical atmosphere in the bathroom will increase dramatically. Don’t just pick random accessories especially when they have nothing to do with this decorating style. If you insist on doing so, you will fail to capture the essence of the style.

Organic elements

The beach decorating style is all about co-existing with nature. Therefore, you must incorporate elements that from living organisms. Seashells are the primary example. It doesn’t mean you have to kill sea creatures and turn them into decorative pieces. There are many seashells from dead animals. If they’re hard to find, buy pieces that represent these things. Palm trees also exude a coastal feel. We suggest you go to the store that sells banana palm accessories. There are plenty of choices, such as bath mats, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, etc. Not only do they take inspiration from this wonderful plant, but they also come in beachy colors like blue.

Although blue easily stands out in the bathroom, don’t paint the whole room the same color. It is important to mix blue with other neutral shades like white and pastels. They are all relaxing. In setting up a beach-themed bathroom, a mix of beachy bathroom decor is necessary. Don’t just apply coordinating patterns on the shower curtains or the rugs only. They should also be present in other accessories.

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