Gothic Bathroom Decor

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - Bathroom

Gothic Bathroom Decor

Creating a gothic bathroom is a challenging task. The decorating style is comprised of bold and unusual elements. So if you want to implement it in the bathroom, make sure you are a die-hard gothic fan because it is the only way to capture the style the best possible way. You should learn about the elements that are commonly used in this type of decorating. Finding gothic bathroom decor is not easy mainly because gothic enthusiasts are fewer than fans of traditional decorating styles. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find them. Just look them up online because online art shops offer a wide variety of accessories, even the ones that are considered rare.

Black should stand out

Black is a symbol of sophistication. This color is also full of mystery. If you want to emulate the style, then the most important thing you can’t ignore is the use of black as the primary color. It should be pushed forward instead of hiding in the background. Nothing is better than black to describe the style. This color is already strong, which means a hint of it in the bathroom is more than enough to make a bold statement. White can be a complimentary color. Although gothic decorating is all about black, it doesn’t mean other colors are not welcome. As much as we love black, it needs to be mixed with other shades to improve its charm. White seems to be a perfect companion because this color is neutral and pure. Apply black to the furniture items and other decorative pieces in the room. White can remain in the background.

Metal elements

A gothic bathroom also requires metal elements. This material is not a newcomer in the industry. It has been around for decades. While metal has an industrial appeal, it also works for dark settings like this. You can find metal accessories to fill the room. There are different metals with varying colors and prices. Chrome and bronze are two of so many choices available. They are not necessarily expensive. You just don’t think of price when trying to remodel a room with gothic elements. This is not luxury decorating we’re talking about. Even affordable accessories will still make a great addition as long as they look shiny.

Gothic bathroom decor

Start with a chandelier. Chandeliers are by no means a new trend. They are just as old as this decorating style. Compared to other types of lights, chandeliers have this majestic vibe to them. Whenever a room is decorated with a chandelier, it will instantly look lavish and stunning. Well, the charm of gothic decorating can also be strengthened with this unique element. Chandeliers are sold in numerous designs and sizes. Some people would think it is bizarre to add a chandelier to the bathroom. But, it is not that strange if you’ve settled with this theme in the first place. The gothic style and chandeliers are just made for each other, so you can do no wrong with this decorative element. The other items need to feature brass or chrome accents. As said before, metal is a necessary addition to this style. Get yourself bathroom essentials like a tumbler, dish soap, hooks, and others made of metal.

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