Lavender Bathroom Decor

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - Bathroom

Lavender Bathroom Decor

Today we’re going to talk about lavender bathroom decor. People like lavender because it is the epitome of romance and elegance. However, this palette is dark in nature, so you probably need to mix it with lighter shades. When it comes to incorporating lavender elements, there are many you can add to the bathroom. It can be applied to different accessories. However, just like any decorating theme, it is not a good idea to overdo it because it will make the space feel unbearable. Regardless of how relaxing this element is, you should use it in moderation.

Lavender soap dispensers and dishes

Your bathroom should have both of these items. Soap keeps your hands clean. So if you regularly wash your hands, there is no reason to not put a soap dish and a dispenser on the vanity. They look gorgeous with their purplish tone. Looks are not everything, though. The dispenser, for instance, should also be functional. Don’t forget to check out the quality before purchasing one. The pump usually has a spring in the tube, so that you can pump soap out easily. The top should also be easy to remove for easier refilling. If you don’t like using dispensers, a soap dish can be a substitute. Soap dishes come in different sizes. Buy one that fits the size of your favorite soap. What we like about a lavender soap dish is it has a stunning floral design. For safety, choose one made of an eco-friendly material, meaning that it doesn’t contain cadmium or another metal paint.

Lavender tumblers

A lavender tumbler makes a nice addition to the bathroom. This also works as a water cup. It will be useful either way. These items are also available in various shapes and sizes. They are not that expensive, so don’t worry about spending big bucks on a tumbler. They are designed for regal purple bathrooms. If your bathroom captures a similar style, then this would be a great complimentary element. A tumbler can be made of any material. For maximum durability, ceramic is a good choice. Besides, it is also pretty heavy, so it doesn’t tip over easily when you put it on the vanity top. It can be used as a toothbrush or a pen holder. If you need a standalone holder, then buy a toothbrush holder. A toothbrush holder usually has holes on its top for organizing bathroom essentials. The one at the center is usually the largest, meaning it is for storing toothpaste. The smaller ones are for toothbrushes.

Lavender towels

Implementing a lavender theme is not that difficult. All you have to do is include as many as lavender bathroom decor. If you use towels and washcloths, then display them in the bathroom. Even if they are rarely used, they can still add charm to the room. These items are easy to find because many stores sell them. You can pick ones with solid colors or lavender patterns. Both work for this type of environment. Pay attention to the fabric. Cotton is a good option because it is smooth and water-absorbent. Smooth fabrics are typically pricies, but they are a great investment, nonetheless.

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