Ocean Themed Bathroom Decor

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 - Bathroom

Ocean Themed Bathroom Decor

Ocean themed bathroom decor is simply stunning. This type of decorating is really interesting because it can bring serenity into the room. Now it is time for you to create your dream ocean-styled bathroom. It is not difficult at all. You just need to find the right elements that work for the space.

Refreshing palette

The first thing to keep in mind is that an ocean-themed bathroom is supposed to incorporate refreshing colors like blue and yellow. There are many different shades of blue, but one thing for sure this color is a perfect representation of the ocean. It needs to be applied to decorative pieces that you arrange in the bathroom. For example, if you pick wallpaper to adorn the walls, then it should have a hint of this color. Or if you want to buy a bathroom decor set, blue should be the primary color for the individual items. Green is another good color to accentuate an ocean-themed bathroom. Green is known for having a soothing effect. Blue and green are both wonderful and can be used together to liven up the bathroom space. Besides, yellow has been proven to have an energizing effect.

Sea-glass decor

The bathroom should be a tranquil space. We don’t advise to put too many contrasting elements together because this can result in clutter. You should better focus on several elements that complement each other. In this case, sea-glass decor can suit any type of oceanic decor. There are some stores that sell these unique bathroom furnishings. Another way to boost the unique appeal of this decorating style is by adding glass tiles. We know that not everyone is interested in tiles. For some, this decorative element is just too basic. We disagree with that because tiles can also look stunning. Remember that tiles are not just available in solid colors. The patterned ones are also widely available across the country. Among so many patterns, glass tiles in watery hues have unique characteristics that perfectly capture this decorating style. Put them on the walls and the rest of the bathroom. They would create nice contrast against darker shades if you decide to use any.

Organic details

To add an authentic touch to the bathroom, organic details will greatly help. Seashells and leaves are some organic things you can get to embellish the room. It is hard to ignore organic details when ocean themed bathroom decor is all about natural beauty. Walk down the beach and pick up organic stuff you find along the way. If you don’t live by the beach, then visit stores that sell these stunning pieces. There are many art shops that make pieces out of organic materials. Those accessories come in different shapes and sizes. For the best outcome, you can display different items in several areas.

The storage also needs to be natural-inspired. For example, instead of using stainless steel furniture items, you should go for a wooden-based set. There is no denying that stainless steel has impeccable beauty, but it is not that suitable for this kind of setting. Metal furniture is more appropriate for modern bathrooms. If your goal is to set up a coastal bathroom, then the use of natural materials is a necessity. Let say you want to add a ladder, a shower bench, and others to the room, they all should be made of wood.

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