A Simple and Eye-catching Dresser

Bedrooms are not only used as a place to rest or sleep. Now the bedroom has more function than just a resting place, people nowadays use the bedroom to work, study, relax, and do other activities. If we want to support the convenience of these activities, the bedroom should be made as attractive as possible. Many things can be done to make the bedroom more attractive. You can design it with the concepts you like for a nice bedroom to look at. In addition you can also put any furniture in accordance with the concept of bedroom that you want to further beautify of your bedroom. Selection of furniture is an important thing to realize the concept you like. You must choose a bed, dresser, table, chair, mirror, lamp, shelf, or decoration that match the theme. You must be careful in choosing furniture for your room especially if your room is not more than 3×3 m. Use furniture that has two in one function, for example, beds that are designed in addition to sleep also serves as a storage place that is, by making a large enough drawer under the bottom or under the bed. You can make a shelf attached to the wall of the room to place books or some items on it. It can also save your room space. Here below you will get more information about dresser.

History of Dresser

Dresser is one type of antique furniture that is still often used and has many modifications, especially on the model. In the past, this furniture is only owned by upper class people in Europe. However, over time the craftsmen also make more affordable products with different models and types of wood. Until now the dresser is still in great demand. This furniture has a different impression if there is put in your room. Compared with wardrobe, dresser is more suitable to put in your bedroom. You can choose the model and color of dresser that suitable for your room. Currently dresser is produced in various models, there are classic style, vintage style, and modern style, up to minimalist style. You can choose the model and color that suits the concept of the room that you want.

Simple and Eye catching

The concept of interior design is the current trend is the concept of modern and minimalist. Both of these concepts automatically also affect the model of furniture items. Therefore, if you want a dresser for your room, choose a simple or minimalist model. Choose a dresser with a matching color with your room paint, such as white, brown, gray or black. Because red, pink, yellow, blue, green or too flashy colors are not good to see. Then put the ornaments on top of the dresser, for example a cactus in small pots, photo frames, or small-sized statues. Try decoration on top of your dresser neatly arranged. This will make your dresser more attractive.


Basically dresser and closet function is almost the same, only the size and shape that distinguish. If you have a bedroom that is no more than 3×4 m, put dresser in your bedroom is a good idea. This furniture is smaller so it does not give the impression of narrow and crowded in your room.

The above information is about the interior design and furniture for your room, as well as dresser, furniture that has the same function with a closet but more simple and efficient place. Don’t wait anymore, let’s design your bedroom!

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