Wall Decorations for Bathroom

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Wall Decorations for Bathroom

There is a variety of wall decorations for bathrooms. When the walls appear empty, the room will look dull and boring. We will share a few ideas to spruce up the blank walls. The bathroom is probably your most private space after the bedroom. Even if people don’t gather in that place, you can’t just abandon it. Keep in mind that you will spend much time there. Soaking in a bathtub is relaxing, but that vibe can disappear quickly if the room is full of clutter. How should you decorate the bathroom walls?

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl is very suitable for damp environments like bathrooms. The reason is because this material is water-resistant. This means installing vinyl wallpaper will save you the hassle of maintaining it. Imagine if the wallpaper is made of an absorbent material, you should replace it frequently. Another reason to use this decorative item is because it’s easy to install. It comes with a peel-and-stick feature. Whenever you feel bored of the current theme, just remove it from the wall and stick a new one. Not all wall coverings are ideal for damp environments. Paper is not particularly a good choice, but the durability will increase when it is coated with vinyl. Wallpaper is also varied in terms of designs. Just check out stores that sell these things. You will see a lot of interesting themes. Pick one that goes well with the bathroom decor.

Wall tiles

When you run out of decorating ideas, you can always rely on the versatile wall tiles. They are specifically made for this purpose. The best part is this unique decorative element never goes out of style. It will work for any type of bathroom setting. Many people turn a blind eye on tiles because they think these items are way too basic for decorating. They also seem under the impression that there are many other ‘premium’ choices. Well, we don’t think this assumption is true. Wall tiles will always be perfect for bathrooms. In fact, they will add value to every space occupied.

Why are tiles always relevant? It is partly because these items come in countless patterns. So when one pattern is no longer a hot trend, new ones will come to replace it. In choosing a pattern, you must think of the space first. Assess how much ornamentation has been present in the room. If the room has yet to feel crowded, it is okay to go for an intricate pattern. But if the space is already tight and it has been filled with so many decorative pieces, you should select a simple pattern, instead.


Who knew that shelves can double as wall decorations for bathrooms? We all know they are perfect for storage, but if you can enhance their looks with accents or simply create them out of a gorgeous material like wood, they will make the boring walls more stunning. It is okay to keep shelves simple. You can shift focus to the things displayed on their tops. For example, if you love plants, put potted plants on top of the shelves. The bathroom is probably not the right place to keep plants, but as long as you can provide direct sunlight, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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